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If you’re looking for the Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the top fire pits on the market today that are perfect for use on a wooden deck. We’ll also be providing a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right fire pit for your needs. So let’s get started!

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What Is a Fire Pit, and How Does It Work?

Before we get into discussing specific fire pits, let’s first take a moment to learn about what a fire pit is and how it works. A fire pit is a round or rectangular bowl that contains burning wood or other flammable materials at its center. It usually has no top but instead uses material such as rocks or metal bars to create a barrier between the flame and those who are around it.

Fire pits come in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different purposes. They can be as small as a coffee table or as large as an entire patio! We’ll be discussing the best fire pit for a wood deck, which will typically measure roughly 3 feet (1 meter) across and 1.5 to 2 feet (0.4 to 0.6 meters) high.

Fire pits work by creating a barrier between the fire and those around it, such as this metal pit with black rocks at its base

Deck-Safe Outdoor Fire Pit Buying Guide

There are three major types of fire pit: natural-gas fuel, charcoal fueling, and wood fueling.

Natural-gas Fuel: fire pits that are fueled by natural gas are typically larger and will supply more heat. They also operate independently of wind, rain, or other weather conditions which makes them a great choice for people who live in certain parts of the country where weather is sometimes poor. These fire pits can be left alone to burn without supervision because they have an automatic shutoff feature which makes them safer to use.

Charcoal Fuel: Although charcoal fire pits are not as common, they are growing in popularity thanks to their affordability and ease of use. Charcoal fuel is typically cheaper than natural gas or wood, but some people do complain that it emits unpleasant odors. A charcoal-fueled fire pit can usually be started in a matter of minutes, making it perfect for those who want to have a fire but don’t have the patience to wait for their wood or natural gas-fueled fire pits to get going.

Wood Fuel: Wood is the most commonly used fuel in today’s home fires and also happens to be one of the best choices when it comes to decorating your deck with a functional yet stylish fire pit. However, wood-fueled fire pits are not recommended for people who live in wildfire-prone areas due to the increased risk of brush fires.

A wood-fueled fire pit will give you endless hours of warmth and beauty on chilly evenings!

Types of Fire Pits for Wooden Decks

Now that you know what a fire pit is, let’s explore some of the many different types of fire pits available today.

Wood-burning Fire Pits: One option you might have considered if you have a wooden deck is to build your fire pit with treated lumber so it matches your existing wood. There are also pre-made fire pits made with treated lumber which offer an attractive, easy-to-install solution for those who want something simple.

Propane Fire Pits: If you prefer the convenience of natural gas, propane fire pits are a good choice. We recommend keeping in mind that they will require an extra investment for hookup to your home’s natural gas supply if you don’t already have this. Also, keep in mind that decks near the house or under a window should receive greater protection from heat and sparks than those directly under a tree where the wind can blow sparks away from the house.

Gel-Burning Fire Pits: Gel-burning fire pits are another good choice for those who want the convenience of a propane or natural gas fire pit but don’t have access to these fuels. They can be used with gel fuel which is much safer than other options, meaning it’s okay to leave them unattended. The downside? Gel fires do not give off as much heat

Gas Fire Pits: Gas fire pits are the least expensive option and also burn fairly clean. They do not give off as much heat as masonry or cast iron fire pits, however, so they are best saved for mild evenings.

What Materials Are They Made Of?

Fire pits are typically made of clay, concrete, cast iron, metal, porcelain-enameled steel, or stainless steel. These materials are designed to resist heat and other weather conditions so they will last for years without being damaged.

Clay: The cheapest fire pit material, clay is popular for its affordability and appearance. However, it has little resistance to heat and should only be used with natural gas-fueled fire pits.

Concrete: Durable yet affordable, concrete is another very popular choice for fire pits. It’s made of cement mixed with sand or other similar substances so you can make it in any color you want.

Cast Iron: cast iron is incredibly durable thanks to its high carbon content so it’s often used for fire pits that must be moved around often. Cast-iron fire pits are also very heavy, making them suitable for decks but not so much for patios.

Metal: Metal is typically nickel or aluminum. It’s affordable and easy to clean, making it a solid choice for people who want an outdoor fire pit but don’t want to deal with cleaning ashes after each use.

Porcelain-Enameled Steel: This material is very similar to metal in terms of affordability and durability, but it comes in a wide range of colors to suit your deck or patio. Stainless steel is very similar except that it doesn’t chip or scratch.

Copper: Copper is unique in that it’s the only other heat-resistant material that’s as good at reflecting heat as it is at distributing it, making this fire pit an attractive choice for people who want to create a campfire feel to their outdoor living spaces.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is perfect for outdoor use because it resists rusting, corrosion, and fading. It’s very easy to clean so it will look new for years.

Tile and Stone: These materials are typically used in indoor fire pits because they absorb heat and won’t crack if the room they’re in gets too cold.

Tips For Purchasing A Firepit for Deck

Fuel Supply: Since fire pits are typically meant to be used outdoors, you will need to make sure that they have a stable base and enough room for the flames.

Size: Make sure your fire pit is large enough so all your guests can enjoy it without feeling too cramped. If you plan on using wood as fuel, keep in mind that larger logs will burn for longer so a bigger fire pit is a better choice.

Inside Dimensions: This will let you know if your fire pit can fit a certain number of logs.

Burner Size: A larger burner will produce more heat. Make sure the size of your burner matches the size of your fire pit.

Heat Output: Since outdoor fires are not regulated, higher wattages are needed to ensure you don’t burn your deck or house!

Ash Removal System: This is important if you plan on using natural gas as fuel since it burns cleaner than other types. However, if you want a wood-fueled fire pit then an ash-removal system is not as important since ashes from wood burn slower and typically don’t produce much smoke.

Ignition: This will let you know if your fire pit needs a match or a lighter to start up.

Cover: If you plan on using your fire pit during the winter months, you’ll need a cover to keep it dry.

Tools: Most modern fire pits can be started with the push of a button, which is very convenient when lighting it on your own. Some advanced models even come with remote controls. Of course, make sure these tools are included in the fire pit you purchase.

Floor Materials: Clay, concrete, and cast-iron floors are the most popular choices but metal and porcelain-enameled steel have become quite popular as well due to their resistance to rust.

Decorative Options: Decorative options such as mosaic tiles and artistic accents make a fire pit more attractive to homeowners.

Price: Of course, price is always a factor in any major purchase so you should try to get the most durable and beautiful product at the fairest price possible.

What Size Fire Pit Should I Get?

It all depends on the size of your deck or patio, but there are some other factors you’ll want to consider as well. First, think about how much room you have around your fire pit.

What Risks Are Involved With Fire Pits and Decks?

Burning Your Deck: Fire pits can burn your deck and surrounding landscape during the cold winter months.

Falling Into The Flames: Some people may be tempted to use their fire pit as a makeshift hot tub and accidentally fall into the flames.

Burn Injuries: People can get burnt from the flames and/or hot coals.

Deck Fire Pits: Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never leave your fire pit unattended. If you plan on using your fire pit during winter, purchase one with an ash-removal system. Make sure the hose to that system reaches the place where you’ll be using it and then monitor its usage while burning wood logs.

Flammable Items: You should not place anything flammable near your fire pits such as boxes, newspapers, or combustible materials during the winter months.

Excess Heat: Make sure that your deck is located far from any house windows and/or other wooden decks so they won’t get damaged by the heat emanating from your fire pit.

Burning Hazard: Make sure you are aware of the heat your fire emits because it can cause burns or scorch surrounding plants.

Heat Shields and Fireproof Mats For Wood Decks

A heat shield is typically a safety mat that protects wood decks from the intense heat of an outdoor fire pit. This mat is made from some kind of special grade aluminum so it can withstand very high temperatures while protecting your deck and landscape from burning embers.

Fireproof mats for wood decks are one of the most popular new safety features on the market because homeowners can place these mats under their fire pits to ensure they don’t damage the surface underneath.

What Does A Fireproof Mat For Wood Decks Do?

Fireproof mats for wood decks serve two purposes:

  • They prevent heat from damaging surrounding surfaces and
  • They reduce ember disturbance on windy days which means less chance of your landscape catching fire.

How To Install Fireproof Mats For Wood Decks

  1. Place the mat in the area where you’ll be placing your fire pit and mark its outline with a pencil.
  2. Use a knife to cut along the outline you drew and then spray paint any exposed areas so it’s easier to see when you’re lighting your fire pit.
  3. Place some dirt or sand over the mat to weigh it down and make sure there are no scorch marks after you light your fire.

What are Fire Pit Spark Screens?

A spark screen is typically a mesh cover for your fire pit which serves two purposes: It keeps embers from flying out of the fire and onto surrounding surfaces such as wood decks or hedges. It prevents large sticks and logs from accidentally falling into the flames.

How Do I Use Spark Screens With My Fire Pit?

There are various types of spark screens available on the market, but they’re all designed to fit over your existing fire pit. Just place the screen over top of your fire pit and light up!


Eat, drink and be merry. The most important thing you can do when using a fire pit on your deck is to make sure it’s safe and that you have the right tools available in case anything goes wrong. If you have a heat shield or fireproof mat for wood decks, just place it underneath your fire pit to ensure your safety during the winter. Make sure that your deck is located far away from other decks or houses to ensure you don’t damage anything with the intense heat of an outdoor fire pit.

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My name is Adam Mors. This blog is my attempt to share my expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world.

My main purpose is to assist as many individuals as possible, in making their outdoor areas look just as good and beautiful as they can – with only the greatest products.

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