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Many people are intrigued with smokeless fire pits because they enjoy the fire, but they don’t like all that smoke. However, there are various fire pits on the market, and the smokeless fire pit insert is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Fire pits are designed to burn wood, which often means smokiness coming from everywhere. However, when they are smokeless, the fire pits burn the fuel more efficiently to produce less smoke. Still, a smokeless fire pit insert isn’t completely smokeless.

Whether you choose a stone fire pit or want something else, you should consider the inside diameter above all else. That way, you can compare related products and ensure that you find the right smokeless fire pit insert for your needs.

This list of the best smokeless fire pit insert options can help you decide which one you like best. When outdoor living is concerned, you want something safe, smokeless, and easy to use. Let’s take a look at the top fire pits on the market.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit Inserts

Sunnydaze Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit Ring


If you want a great smokeless fire pit insert ring, the first option is from the Sunnydaze brand. It’s an excellent fire ring insert liner and comes in three sizes:

  • 30 inches inside diameter
  • 36 inches inside diameter
  • 39 inches inside diameter

Plus, the outside diameter is 6 inches wider for the smokeless fire pit insert to protect it and make it easier to slide into fire pits, and it is only 32 lbs.

As with any quality metal smokeless fire pit insert, this brand is made using sturdy and durable materials. That way, it lasts a long time while being covered with paint for beauty.

You should also understand that this smokeless fire pit insert is disassembled when it arrives, so you must put it together. Consider it a good thing, though, because it ensures that you can put it together in a way that meets your needs.

With that, you can use it with a stone fire pit or by itself. These fire pits are designed to prevent smoke from wafting out, as long as you lay the wood correctly. Plus, it’s a great smokeless option for those who prefer something easy to use.

Sunnydaze Wood Fire Campfire Ring with Cooking Grate


Those who prefer to do some cooking might like the Sunnydaze Campfire ring. These fire pits are designed to be smokeless, but they also contain a grill grate on top. It swivels out of the way, so you can use your smokeless fire pit insert alone or with a stone fire pit.

With this ring, you have different inside diameter options, including:

  • 30 inches inside diameter
  • 36 inches inside diameter
  • 39 inches inside diameter

Each one is 12 inches deep. Then, you have the cooking great of the smokeless fire pit insert, which is 19 inches long and roughly 15 inches wide. Both the grate and ring are made using cooking-grade and high-quality materials.

With this smokeless fire pit insert, you get all the assembly gear necessary. Though it weighs 41 lbs, it’s still easy to carry and doesn’t compromise quality. Plus, the smokeless design ensures that the ring doesn’t produce tons of smoke. However, there could be more smoke when you are cooking or grilling on it.

Sunnydaze Crossweave Fire Pit Ring


Fire pits are designed in different sizes and shapes. If you’ve got a ring fire pit, then you might consider the Sunnydaze Fit Pit Ring. It works well with any stone fire pit, but you can also use it alone.

It’s larger and heavier than some of the others, with an inside diameter of 36 inches (42 inches on the outside). With that, it’s 10 inches tall and 43 lbs., so it’s a good overall height for most fire pits or camping needs.

This fire pit insert is not completely smokeless because the walls are only about 2mm thick. That’s not a lot, but it’s still durable and strong. However, if you want something as smokeless as possible, then you might want a different brand. This insert does have a wide inside diameter, though, and produces less smoke than others.

Pleasant Hearth Solid Steel Fire Insert


Whether you have a stone fire pit or something else, you want to produce a beautiful flame and enough heat without the smoke. The Pleasant Hearth brand might have the right smokeless fire pit insert for your needs.

Usually, fire pits are designed to be used with a smokeless fire pit ring. That way, it keeps the heat in and creates a smokeless environment.

If you want something light, easy to carry, and small, then this is a great choice. It has an inside diameter of 28 inches, so it doesn’t work well with larger fire pits. However, it’s practical for medium and small fire pit options and weighs in at 36.08 lbs.

You may also use the ring alone with a lava stone setup or with regular wood. Typically, lava stones work best if you don’t want a lot of smoke.

The insert itself is made using durable metal and features a black finish. Plus, the ring is disassembled but easy to put together.

Hanie Design Steel Fire Pit Liner


If you have a smaller fire pit and want a smokeless ring, the Hanie Design brand might be ideal. It is larger than the Pleasant Hearth insert and features an inside diameter of 33 inches with a 3-inch rim. Plus, it’s 10 inches deep, so it meets appropriate standards for a stand-alone fire pit.

You may find that it does produce more smoke than some of the other smokeless varieties. However, it is also based on how much wood you have and the height of the flame.

Though it’s not designed for grilling, you’re sure to appreciate the burning heat coming from it. Plus, it looks great on the patio and makes it hot enough to enjoy a chilly evening.

Since it is round, it fits in most fire pits, but you can use it alone, too. This often helps with airflow when it’s low to the ground, based on wind conditions.

With that, it is only 16 lbs., so it’s easy to carry with you to campsites and anywhere else.

Bluegrass Living Fire Pit Insert


When you want a premium-quality smokeless fire pit insert, the one from Bluegrass Living is a great choice. With it, burning wood is easy, and it features a 30-inch inside diameter. You’re sure to produce less smoke while still enjoying the warmth it offers.

Though it comes with no other accessories, you’re sure to appreciate that it doesn’t get as hot as you might imagine. You should always protect your hands when removing the ring, but it can go by a patio or into a fire pit if needed.

With that, it is only 22 lbs., so it’s highly portable. There’s no fear of rust because of the painted finish. Plus, it’s round, which is the ideal shape for most products.

Though it does produce some smoke based on what you’re doing, it is easy to use. With that, most people find that the price range makes it ideal, even if it’s not truly smokeless.

Pleasant Hearth Fire Ring


Whether it’s on a porch or patio, the Pleasant Hearth fire pit ring is a great choice. It’s ideal for burning wood or charcoal, but there might be more smoke if you use uncured wood.

Most people don’t consider it to be truly smokeless, but it does have that feature for the most part. With a 30-inch inside diameter, it’s a great choice for most fire pits and stand-alone needs. Since it is versatile, you can create a custom space for your backyard.

However, this insert does get hot, so if you plan to remove it from the fire pit immediately after using it, make sure you use fire-resistant gloves and put it on a non-flammable surface.

Also, consider that it is put together with screws, so if you don’t get them tightened, smoke can leak around them.

Pleasant Hearth Rectangle Fire Pit Ring Insert


If you plan to use the fire pit insert alone, then the Pleasant Hearth Store brand might be ideal. Weighing 61 lbs., it’s easy to carry around. There is no inside diameter because it’s rectangular, but it is 41×41 inches. Therefore, it’s great for burning smaller logs.

As a smokeless insert, you may be surprised to learn it does produce some smoke. However, that’s normal with most inserts on the market. The stainless steel material, though durable, isn’t the best at preventing smoke from wafting up. Plus, it gets very hot when you’re using it, so use caution.


Whether you want to grill and have hot food or prefer burning wood to watch the flames dance, there are many fire pit inserts on the market. Hopefully, this review has helped you understand more about what’s out there and what might be ideal for your backyard.

Whenever choosing a new fire pit insert, it’s best to consider why you want it. Do you plan to grill food? Is a long warranty best for you? While you’re free to choose whichever one you prefer, some of the top brands include Sunnydale and Titan Outdoors. Enjoy your new smokeless fire pit insert and all that it offers!

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My main purpose is to assist as many individuals as possible, in making their outdoor areas look just as good and beautiful as they can – with only the greatest products.

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My name is Adam Mors. This blog is my attempt to share my expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world.

My main purpose is to assist as many individuals as possible, in making their outdoor areas look just as good and beautiful as they can – with only the greatest products.

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