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8 Best Square Fire Pit Options for Your Home

Do you want to have the best square fire pit on the block? If so, now is the time to consider the top 8 products on the market.

Fire has been important for humans since the beginning of time. It keeps you warm, cooks food, and offers light. Though you don’t use the fire pit for survival now, the fascination with fire hasn’t died, and you keep coming back for more.

If you’ve ever been camping, you know the pull fire seems to have on you. People gravitate naturally to the flames, relax around the area, and enjoy the flickering warmth that makes conversations more intimate.

Whether you want a special place where neighbors from the block can go or prefer to take the fire pit with you, you have options.

Though most people prefer rounded options, you can still get the best results from a stone square fire pit for your outdoor excursions.

Top Square Fire Pits for the Patio

Outland Living Brown Propane Gas Fire Pit Table – Square


If you want to find the best fire pit on the market, it’s often ideal to go with a square one. Just looking at the Outland brand gives you the results you want.

Fire pits are a great addition to the outdoor patio space, and you can get many styles and options. This square fire pit is the winner because it looks great, is durable, multi-functional, and practical. While it provides heat and light, it can also be used as a garden table with plenty of room for glasses and plates.

Made using polyethylene wicker and an aluminum frame, the fire pit is sturdy, weather/heat resistant, and lasts for many years. Plus, the table around it features black tempered glass and comes with 15.5 pounds of decorative glass rocks. You use those to cook food or heat the area.

Because of the durable materials, this pit is low maintenance. You don’t have to take it inside when it rains. However, you might want to buy a separate cover to prevent water stains on the tempered glass surface.

BALI OUTDOORS Square Fire Pit Table


The BALI OUTDOORS Square Fire Pit uses gas and is ideal for those who want the simpler things in life. Though it is square, it doesn’t have a lot of decorative features and is quite plain. However, if you hope to create ambiance from the light and heat instead of the appearance, this could be the right choice.

It’s a 32-inch fire pit table that ticks the boxes without trying too hard. Plus, it’s a table, which hides the 20-pound propane tank inside. There’s also the aluminum frame, but the hammered finish makes it less appealing than some styles.

Still, if you want functionality from your outdoor fire pit and prefer something square, then this is the one to get!

With a heat output of about 50,000 BTU, this product has a better heat radius to provide more comfort on cool nights. Use it in early fall for some fun and excitement.

Even though it lacks in looks, it makes up for it with extra accessories, such as the cover for the lava glass, table, and lid.

Small Fire Pit: Landmann Barrone Fire Pit with Cover


If you want an old-fashioned wood-burning fire pit with a modern twist, you need to consider the Landmann Barrone brane. It weighs just 22 pounds, making this square portable fire pit. You can move it around the yard or take it with you on outdoor camping trips.

Just remember that it’s smaller, so you can’t add as much wood to these fire pits. Therefore, you may want to consider more space in the basement or garage so that you can store wood effortlessly.

You’re sure to appreciate the built-in grate, and this fire pit also comes with a large spark screen and poker. If you plan to use it in all types of weather, consider adding sand to the bottom to prevent rust. It’s also ideal to empty the ashes after each use.

Plus, the fire pit is wide enough to put logs inside without cutting them. With that, the spark screen ensures a 360-degree view of your fire without the risk of the wind blowing out the flames.

Wood Burning Pit: Outsunny Metal Patio Fire Pit


You can also find the 32-inch square fire pit from Outsunny, made entirely of metal. It offers a powder-coated construction to make it durable and sturdy, regardless of the outdoor season. Though it’s rust-resistant, you might do well to get some anti-rust spray for the fire pit.

This fire pit works well on a patio and includes a small tabletop fire pit area. That way, it’s multi-functional and large enough to hold drinks while enjoying the ambiance. However, you must store wood to make the fire, so make sure you have the space in your garage.

You’re sure to appreciate the many accessories, such as a water-resistant cover, poker, and spark screen.

Metal Fire Pit Table for Patio Wood Burning


When you want a foldable and portable square fire pit, the one from Dkeli is ideal. It is highly practical with its heat-resistant finish and steel construction. Therefore, it’s quite sturdy for its size.

Make everyone on the block jealous with this fire pit!

This outdoor wood fire pit offers foldable legs, so it’s quite easy to store when you’re not using it. Plus, you don’t have to assemble it. Just flip over the legs, and it is set up. Create the right ambiance with no hassles at all!

Everyone can appreciate extra accessories, and this one comes with a poker to lift the spark screen (also included). At only 26 inches wide, you can take it with you anywhere or leave it at home in the backyard!

Great Deal Furniture Square Fire Pit with Lava Rocks


It seems that everyone wants something made of stone for their backyard or patio. If you prefer stone above all else, then the Great Deal Furniture brand is an ideal square fire pit for you!

It is highly sturdy and made of high-quality materials (stone), so it’s not going anywhere. Though it’s a bit heavier than other stone fire pits, because of the stone used, it is very beautiful with a rustic, brown-stone finish.

It’s made with steel and magnesium oxide, so it’s also low-maintenance. The stone veneer conceals the 20-pound propane tank, making it ideal for outdoor usage.

It’s easy to achieve the results you want with 40,000 BTUs, and this fire pit does produce heat. However, it’s not as much as some of the other brands mentioned here. Still, you can use it on warmer days and achieve your goals!

Just set aside a day to put it together because sometimes, the instructions are hard to understand. You may also want a different protective cover because the one included here is flimsy.

Concrete Fire Pit: Gas Propane Fire Pit Table


The Blue Rhino Square Fire Pit is made using black steel and features a 12-pound copper-colored fire glass. You also receive a protective cover, so you can leave it outside all the time.

It’s easy to appreciate the steel side panels on this fire pit because it conceals the propane tank. However, it only produces 40,000 BTUs, so it doesn’t put out as much heat as the other fire pit brands listed here.

Still, if your goal is to create an outdoor ambiance of warmth and flickering light, this could be the right choice for you!

Cooking Grate: FIXKIT Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Grill


If you are a big fan of wood fires, FIXKIT Outdoors has what you need with a grill grate. This square fire pit offers an adjustable leg height and does come with tabletop space.

Though it isn’t made of stone, you do have different brick-style pieces along the tabletop to give it some color. That way, your fire pit can be an excellent addition to your home.

Plus, it offers a slate top with a deep basin, suitable for large outdoor fires that burn throughout the night. You and your friends can talk and laugh until it’s time to go to bed. If that weren’t enough, this fire pit comes with a grate, poker, weatherproof cover, and mesh fire screen.

With that, this product is budget-friendly, so you can enjoy the outdoors more easily. There are also integrated vent panels on the side for more airflow so that the fire burns longer.

Basics Fire Pit Pieces

Fire pits have so many shapes, sizes, and features that describing them all would take up a lot of time. However, there are a few fundamental fire pit components that you should know to grasp how everything functions.


The insert is the most basic part of a fire pit. It’s where you build your fire and it also serves as the liner to help contain the flames. Construction materials vary by manufacturer but are usually made out of steel, cast iron, or concrete

Use/Burn Chamber

This is what separates an inch-deep layer of burning embers from the ash and unburned fuel. It should be at least six inches deep to ensure that the fire doesn’t get too big and that the ashes can cool down properly


This is what keeps the burning embers in and the sparks out. It also helps contain the heat of the fire and prevents it from spreading to the ground.


This is what holds the fuel and controls airflow throughout your fire. It also serves as the base of your entire fire pit

Burn Ring

The burn ring allows you to raise or lower the height of your fire. This helps control how big it gets and ensures an even burn each time

Spark Screen

This is a mesh screen that sits above the burning ring and helps contain the sparks that fly out of the fire. It also allows you to easily add more fuel without having to reach into the fire pit

Fire Pit Covers

Besides keeping your fire pit clean, these are essential to keep children and pets away. It also helps you control the amount of fuel that goes into the pit at one time. The cover will stop sparks from flying out so consider purchasing a cover with holes in it to let sparks escape while containing them at the same time.

When Purchasing A Square Fire Pit, Consider The Following Things:

1. If you are looking for a centerpiece fire pit, any outdoor living space will benefit from the large flames of the square fire pit. A small patio or deck may require something smaller, and more appropriate for its size while entertaining spaces can use this type of fire pit as their main attraction.

2. Will the area where you want to put the pit be covered or not? If it is covered, such as a patio, deck, or porch area, you will want to make sure that there is adequate room for proper airflow around the fire. Without this space, the fire may burn too quickly and unevenly.

3. You will need to consider how much fuel your pit will hold. Square pits usually have a larger bowl than round pits, so they can hold more fuel. This is important if you plan on using your pit for cooking or if you want to have a long-lasting fire.

4. Some square pits come with a built-in spark screen, while others do not. If this is a feature you need, then you will want to keep that in mind while shopping.

5. The price of square pits can vary widely depending on the size and features. Many options come with different accessories, which also affect the cost so look carefully at all your options before making a purchase decision.

Picking out the right fire pit is an exciting part of planning your outdoor living space. It can also be overwhelming because of all the different types and styles to choose from, but considering the five factors above should help you narrow down which fire pit is right for your backyard oasis.

Square Wood Firepit vs Propane Firepit

When you are looking to buy a fire pit, you will come across two main types: wood-burning and propane fire pits. There are also electric fire pits, but they are not as common as the other two types. Each type of pit has its own set of pros and cons, so it is important to weigh them all before making a purchase.

Wood burning fire pits have been around for centuries and are a popular choice because of the nostalgia they evoke. Not only do you get to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire, but you can also use the pit to cook food. Wood-burning pits come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common type is the square pit.

One of the biggest drawbacks to wood-burning pits is that you have to keep adding more fuel as it burns. This can become time-consuming if there are a lot of people around the pit and some may not enjoy being around smoke from traditional wood fires.

If you are looking for something that does not require much maintenance, then a propane fire pit is a good option. These pits run on propane tanks, which you can buy at most hardware stores, and do not produce any smoke. This makes them a popular choice for people who want to enjoy a fire pit without the hassle of having to constantly add wood.

The downside to propane pits is that they tend to be more expensive than both wood-burning and electric fire pits. If you want something that looks more like an actual campfire, then it is best to stick with a traditional wood pit.

No matter what type of fire pit you choose, make sure to take your time shopping around for it. You should be able to find one that fits both your needs and your budget.


You are sure to be the happiest person on your block when you choose a square fire pit. Once you do, it’s a focal point for the yard, and all the neighbors are sure to wonder where you got it.

Don’t hold back now; you have the power to find a suitable fire pit that meets all of your needs.

After looking at 8 fire pits, you’re sure to know which one you like best. The Outland Living brand is one of the top fire pit options, and it has rave reviews. Make the rest of the block jealous and find a square fire pit today!

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My main purpose is to assist as many individuals as possible, in making their outdoor areas look just as good and beautiful as they can – with only the greatest products.

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My name is Adam Mors. This blog is my attempt to share my expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world.

My main purpose is to assist as many individuals as possible, in making their outdoor areas look just as good and beautiful as they can – with only the greatest products.

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